Luzern Force De Vie Micro-Gel 1oz


Brand: Luzern

Product Description

The ultimate oil-controlling, anti-aging moisturizer

Weightless moisture. High-density nutrients and anti-irritants are combined to make the ultimate cure - all for oily, acne-prone, post-treated, extra-sensitive or rosacea-prone skin. Time-released oxygen technology and Coenzyme Q10 supercharge skin’s natural anti-aging activity. Organic plant extracts relieve irritation and redness, and balance micro-flora. Hyaluronic acid, lipids and ceramides rehydrate skin without being heavy. Gently exfoliates and cleans pores. Leaves skin calm, clean, hydrated and glowing. Use with oily, acneic, rosacea-prone, extra sensitive and post-treated skin. Restores moisture barrier, calms red and inflamed skin.

Skin Type: Oily