Luzern System O2 Infuse Clarifying Mask


Brand: Luzern

Product Description

Ideal for adult acne Reduces sensitivity and redness Controls sebum production and surface oil without drying skin Discourages acne-causing bacteria to help prevent breakouts Best for oily/combination skin types. Contains: 1 x Pure Oxygen Radiance Mask (3.3 fl oz/100 ml) + 1 vial Serum Absolut (0.25 fl oz/7.5ml)

An intensive infusion of pure oxygen, kaolin clay, and oil-controlling bio-suisse extracts Inspired by Luzern’s famous oxygen spa facial. Powerful, but not harsh, this sumptuous mask reduces the visible appearance of excess oil, large pores and other surface imperfections. Contains a proprietary blend of Oxygen, purifying Kaolin & Betonite clays, Salicyclic Acid, Niacinamide and oil controlling Bio-Suisse Organic Extracts to promote instantly clear,calm, healthy-looking skin..