Under Eye Tightening Serum


Product Description

Product Description (15ml)

The Under Eye Tightening Serum, by Advanced Skin Care, is a dual action serum where it immediately reduces eye bags and fines lines under the eye area.  Results are immediate as soon as 5 minutes.  This formulation combines several powerful peptides and botanical extracts.  When used over time the the appearance of eye bag area and fine lines improve.


  • Reduces puffy eye bags
  • reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles


Apply a very small amount of serum (rice size) on your finger tip or on cotton-tipped applicator and evenly distribute on your eye bag and under eye area. Do not rub. Apply to clean skin. Re-apply plug to nozzle after each use. If any residue appears, then too much may have been applied.  Simply dab water over the area to re hydrate and leave on.