ASC Advanced Anti-Blemish Lotion 1 fl oz (30 ml)


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How to Do Alicia Keys’ Skincare Routine 

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Alicia Keys mentioned our signature product on her Alicia’s Morning Skincare Routine
- "So then, my favorite little trick. Like I told you, we all struggle with keeping our skin clear and I am very familiar with that struggle. So my favorite trick is this crazy thing called the Advanced Anti-Blemish Lotion with Sulfur. Sulfur, if you've ever gone to places that have sulfur, it's like when you're driving down the highway and you smell that egg smell, and everybody in the car is like, 'Oh, who farted?' That's sulfur. It smells like a fart. But whatever the case, sulfur is the bomb.

So you take a little Q-tip... and you stir it up in there and then you take it out... and actually put that thing right there. It don't matter, you've got 10 of those dots on your face. Bang, bang, bang, bang... put it on there and go to bed. And if you're sleeping with somebody, you can apologize. It's not a fart. It's by Advanced Skin Care; they're dope. They've got a lot of good products."

Alicia Keys says the secret to her glowing skin includes an acne-busting chemical that 'smells like a fart'

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Advanced Anti-Blemish Lotion

- Anti-Blemish Solution
- Acne treatment
- Manages to destroy bacteria
- Helps to dry out blemishes
- Reduces oiliness

This is an excellent skin care treatment for blemished skin. It helps to dry up blemishes, reduce tissue irritation and redness. Effective in slowing the further growth of the blemish. To be applied several times a day using a cotton swab. 

Skin Type: Dry, Oily, Problematic.


Ingredients: Deionized Water, SD Alcohol 40, Horsetail Extract, Sulfur, Pyroligneous Acid, Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Lactic Acid, Sodium Borate, Propolis Extract, Retinol, Yeast Extract, Tea Tree Oil, Camphor.