Alicia's Set


Product Description

Alicia Get Unready with Me

The set includes:

- Advanced Anti-Blemish Lotion - This an excellent skin care treatment for blemished skin. It helps to dry up blemishes, reduce tissue irritation and redness. Effective in slowing the further growth of the blemish. 

Osmosis Deep Clean Detox Facial Cleanser - A unique blend of citrus essential oils and coconut work together to remove deep impurities, promoting an invigorating clean that remains gentle enough for all skin types.

KNutek KLAR - Theraputic Toner Contains 15% MSM, Fruit extracts, Australian Tea Tree Oil, Water based, NON-COMEDOGENIC and ALCOHOL FREE. A refreshing toner to be used after cleansing for sensitive skin. It clarifies and tones your complexion for a fresh and glowing look. Contains ingredients with anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-microbial and healing properties.

EPICUREN X-treme Cream SPF 45 2.5oz - This Propolis sunscreen protects the skin from harsh outdoor elements. • Moisturizing and soothing with anti-inflammatory properties. Excellent for treating and/or preventing sunburn or windburn. • Key ingredients include: Titanium Dioxide, Propolis, and Olive Oil.