KNuteK KUR - MSM O2 Serum


Brand: kNutek MD

Product Description

Rejuvenates skin's health
Formulated with pure Oxygen Plasma and MSM, KUR MSM O2 Serum balances inflammation and bacteria levels on skin to clear skin, even tone, and rejuvenate skin’s health. The potent anti-aging ingredients also transports oxygen directly to skin cells to target all signs of aging and stimulate youthful collagen and elastin formation, combating fine, lines and wrinkles and firming and plumping skin. 

Enhances tissue pliability
​The powerful duo also enhances tissue pliability, encourages repair of damaged skin, and reduces the cross linking of cells which contributes to scar tissue. Skin is rejuvenated and refined. Scar tissue, lines, wrinkles and dark spots fade and smooth healthy skin is revealed.


Skin Type: Combination / Normal, Dry, Oily, Problematic, Sensitive, Sun Damaged / Aging